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I can’t say enough about this product. I wish I found it earlier. I have had extensive cosmetic surgery’s done. Laser treatment peels etc. and there is one scar that is too deep to “fix”. Dermaflage has changed my life at 44. I have a confidence that I never thought I’d get back. I can’t thank everyone enough for this new lease on life. -Shannon Paterson- Multi-Task is an elixir for the skin! I use it to remove my makeup every night. THEN... I use the Good Skin Cream and put this on top of it to lock in the moisture for the night. Game changer. -Barbara Whitten- I've been using Dermaflage over seven years now, and it has definitely improved my looks and self confidence 100% - highly recommended! -Dennis Lyons- I found Dermaflage just after graduating high school and have never looked back. I have a deep, small, and pitted scar near my forehead from the chicken pox. I'd been so self-conscious of the scar to the point that I grew out bangs to hide it. I've been 100 times more confident since discovering Dermaflage and I am super thankful for this product. -Bea Alibudbud- I have never seen something that awesome in my life. It’s life Savior. The consistency of the concealer is perfect.It stays at place for at least 24 hours or even more in my case .I have tested it with water and it surprised me how waterproof it is, it wont come off. Love you guys, please never stop making these awesome products. -shwetathakur85568- I absolutely love this foundation. I suffer from rosacea and sensitive skin. When I tell you it only took a tiny bit to make my skin flawless I mean it! I can’t believe it! I love this and will be back for more!! -Dawn Broschard - Previous Next