Makeup from Dermaflage covers the toughest discoloration including bruises, tattoos, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. Behind the Scenes concealer is completely waterproof & smudge-proof so it will not come off on your clothes and will stay on all day. It doesn’t come off until you take it off with makeup remover!


Acne scars can range from tiny ice pick scars that look like enlarged pores to a larger acne pock marks or box car scars. These before after scar photos show how Dermaflage can hide acne scars by filling in the scar and creating the look of smooth skin. Scars are visible for two reasons – discoloration and shadows from the uneven skin. Dermaflage addresses both issues with a thin layer of skin friendly silicone that resurfaces the uneven skin – hiding discoloration with a natural look that blends in seamlessly. See more acne scar before after photos.


Surgery scars, accident scars, and bite scars can leave their mark. These before after scar photos showcase how Dermaflage can create a custom covering to hide any type of scar. Indented or recessed scars can be completely erased with a topical filler made to look like your skin. Raised scars or keloid scars can be improved by covering the rough or discolored area and blending it into the surrounding skin. Click to see more Before After Scar Photos.


Frown lines or glabellar lines can make you look angry or worried. The most common solution is an injection. But if injections are not your thing, there is a new solution for hiding frown lines. Dermaflage is the best wrinkle filler for the frown lines because it covers the frown lines with a custom covering that matches your skin. These before after frown line photos show how to hide frown lines in minutes with a non-surgical option. Dermaflage was developed in Hollywood and now it has been simplified for everyday consumers.