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Extended Wear Primer

Extended Wear Primer

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We recommend the Extended Wear Primer for longer periods of wear or high activity levels. Use it to ensure Dermaflage sticks well and you get long wear time.

A must have for those with oily skin!

PRO TIP: Looking to cut the shine on your filler? You need our D-Shine powder

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Extended Wear Primer is a clear liquid that preps the skin and ensures Dermaflage will last longer and withstand high activity levels.

Size: 4 ML/.14 FL OZ

Isopropyl Alcohol, Tetra-n-Propyl Silicate, Tetrabutyltitanate, Silicone Platinum Catalyst

Key Benefits

  • Extends Bond of Dermaflage to the Skin to 24+ Hours

  • Ideal for Oily Skin and Heavy Perspiration

How To Apply Dermaflage Topical Filler

  • 1

    Step 1

    Express a small amount of product onto the skin.

  • 2

    Step 2

    Gently press the texture pad into the material and hold in place for two minutes.

  • 3

    Step 3

    Use your makeup as you normally would, taking care to avoid the scar area so that it does not affect the adhesion.

  • 4

    Step 4

    Practice makes perfect and after a few trial-runs, you’ll be on your way to achieving professional-level results.


We have never & will never test on animals. Because they are our friends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

It was pretty expensive to never get it right ; should have come with a practice one
Color was too light could have exchanged but attempting to do it correctly over and over I ran out. Definitely too much money for the difficulty — the amount of tips is not enough for one to learn to do it correctly and any other manner doesn’t work at all
When I finally accomplished it well it was apparent the color was too light and I was out of the product

Helen Davis
Primer =success

I found that I Must Have a clean, very dry and primer brushed scar in order for the dermaflage filler to not peel up. If you are going spend $ for filler, best to get the primer too.

Betty Bostock
Use Primer before and after

I have been using Demaflage fillers with Extended Wear Primer for years. I apply some before and after using the filler. It is easy to use and definitely helps keep the filler in place, sometimes even for a couple of days.


Primer works really well. However, the powder not so well. I wish I could get a response on how to make the filler not look shiny even after using the powder. It’s very frustrating.
I give the Primer 4 Stars. I give the Powder 2 Stars.


Great project! Really works well!

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