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Topical Filler Applicator Tips

Topical Filler Applicator Tips

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Dermaflage mixing tips help you get a flawless finish, every time! 

Loved by the professional makeup artists, the mixing tip fits onto your applicator and mixes the two chambers so you can apply the silicone filler directly onto the skin in just the right amount.

PRO TIPS: Struggling with shine? Try our powder D-Shine overtop of the filler. Want longer wear? You need the Extended Wear Primer

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30 or 60 tips in a bag

Tips are disposable and can only be used once.

  • 30 or 60 tips in a bag
  • Tips are disposable and can only be used once.

Key Benefits

  • Precision Application


We have never & will never test on animals. Because they are our friends.

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Customer Reviews

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Stefanie Salanki
Too much anxiety to live without it

I have horrible cystic acne and can't go onto long-term medications due to a conflict between them and my migraine medications which could lead to clots. That being said the amount of deep ice pick or box scars is innumerous. The ones dead center of my face (cheeks beside my nose) are the worst till the point where even punch excision on them doesn't work. I do not go outside without this in them. I've been using it for roughly 5 years now.

The reason for the 3 instead of the 5 is very evident. This does not mean I'm not grateful because I am. #1 the cost, I probably spend roughly $180 (Canadian) a month on this (1 four pack of fillers, 1-2 extending bottles and 60 for the applicator tips (if the odds are in my favour), with the odd application pad from time to time). If I didn't have a good job this would be out of budget. #2 longevity, simply doesn't last past 2 days (3 days if I'm lucky), and this is with the extending primer. #3 sometimes the formula I get for the filler doesn't take hold, it's still a liquid after 30+ minutes of waiting. So you can imagine if you are in a time crunch how psychologically damaging this is to a person who absolutely needs it. #4 although I like the applicator tips, they aren't reusable and thus environmentally unfriendly. This wastefulness continues in the entire application process of me also guessing how much to use in the said scar. #5 Due to my acne I use a lot of face products, most of which turn the filler yellow. It looks like a pee stain on my face or makes me look jaundice, regardless of the colour of the filler. Thus I have to spend additional money on make-up which is the last thing I want on my face.

If I was this company my suggestion is to make a reusable applicator tip. Change the formula so it isn't yellow after 1 face wash. Make the extending primer actually extend. Add a sticker so the filler applicator can go into it and fill the area automatically, not me guessing if it's enough.

Now please stop sending me emails for a bleeding review.

Topical Filler Applicator Tips

I use these mixing tips for several years with applicators « fair »
I have a hollow scar 3 mm above the eyebrow.
I use the coloring "fair" which corresponds to my pigmentation.
The scar is filled. 5 minutes is enough in the morning because it's easy and easy to use.
The result is perfect and invisible for the whole day and even longer. It is water resistant ... In the shower or in the pool.
I just received my order today. And she is always compliant.
I recommend Dermaflage products. Sorry for my bad english. I'm french and my order is delivery by FedEx each month. Thank you Team Dermaflage ! You change my life !

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