Cover Up Acne Scars Instantly

  • Silicone dries to a film to fill & conceal rolling scars, boxcar scars and ice pick acne scars
  • Non-irritating & will not cause breakouts
  • Waterproof acne concealer lasts all day

Acne Scar Filler

Invented in Hollywood, this is the FIRST cosmetic that looks like real skin – a topical acne scar filler makeup. We understand acne can affect your self-esteem. As if battling acne wasn’t tough enough, the acne scars it leaves behind can affect your appearance and self-esteem long after the blemishes have healed. If you are considering acne scar fillers, try the no risk topical solution.

The Best Concealer For Acne Prone Skin

Say goodbye to cakey makeup that makes acne look worse & causes more breakouts. We bring you an acne scar concealer specifically developed for acne prone skin with discoloration & scars.


Full Coverage Mineral Foundation

The coverage of a liquid foundation in a skin-friendly powder. Enjoy flawless skin and ultimate skincare protection in just one product. Made in the Shade was developed by dermatologists in collaboration with professional makeup artists to create a full coverage foundation that will not cause breakouts and will stay in place all day. Made in the Shade lets you look your best with the confidence that your skin is protected and your imperfections are concealed all day.


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