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Wasn’t my color. Ordered 40w medium

Absolutely Love

I am thrilled to have found this product to help cover up a scar on my nose. Especially like the Primer you apply before using. Really works

Single Applicator
Helen Davis

Do not give up! I too thought this is never going to work. Now I am able to use just the smallest amount and fill the deep scar on end of my nose! I love this produce! It has changed my life! I have bought a few colors to try with and without various tones makeup… light for winter and darker for summer I use with toned color sun screen. Do not purchase or use nozzles as I find are unnecessary and waste product. I push just the tiniest amount I am able straight onto the lid of pad container, quickly replace lid, stir product, place and hold pad on for full 2 minutes and viola! Transformation of a deep hole on nose back to my beautiful Roman nose! 😆 truly, you will get it! Do not despair! The containers without nozzle are affordable and once you are more proficient in using the tiniest amount necessary, less is best as they instruct, you will be so very happy! I have learned to wash carefully around and place moisturizer and sun screen carefully around my “spot” of dermaflage and it can last two or three days. I highly recommend this product for deep scars. I have not tried it yet on my longer shallow scars… I am just so happy to have the deep divot hole on my nose filled! Thank you dermaflage!

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our Single Applicator. We are thrilled to hear that it has made such a positive impact on your life and has effectively filled in your deep scar on your nose.

We are glad to know that you have found success with using different colors for different seasons and pairing it with sunscreen.

It's great to hear that our product has exceeded your expectations and we thank you for recommending it to others. We hope to continue providing you with great results and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing dermaflage!

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Good Skin Corrective Cream

Good Skin Corrective Cream


I have not received my order!

Can’t live without it

swear I can’t live without this! It gives me so much confidence

Topical Filler Tool Kit
patricia smith
filler tool kit

the new filler tool kit i received is same as had before,,pad is no good,,the filler sticks to the pad,,very disappointed!

It was pretty expensive to never get it right ; should have come with a practice one
Color was too light could have exchanged but attempting to do it correctly over and over I ran out. Definitely too much money for the difficulty — the amount of tips is not enough for one to learn to do it correctly and any other manner doesn’t work at all
When I finally accomplished it well it was apparent the color was too light and I was out of the product

Clean Skin Cleanser
Serena Bryan

Clean Skin Cleanser

Cream Concealer
John Schelhorn
Not the same color

The tan color was not the same as a previous order. Don’t change the color and use the same name

Hi there, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change in color. We understand how frustrating it can be when the shade does not match the previous order. We would love to send you a replacement- please send us an email to
Thank you for your valuable feedback, we appreciate it. Have a great day!


I can’t believe I have FINALLY found a make up that can cover my white scar! A little blending and Voila…it’s covered for the entire day without smudging off. Pretty amazing and great quality! I would definitely recommend this for camouflaging scars.

Amazon orders

I would like to ask why some colors (eg golden fair) are not available now on UK Amazon site (used to be up to Jan 2024). If i order from your site (order over $60) is shipping free to the Uk? Review on product : Absolutely Amazing lifechanging product. Using it for over 8 months now and i could not live without it, thank you for creating such a perfect product to cover up scars. As long as primer used it stays up to 2 days. Thank you

Single Applicator
LJ Sickles
A great product!

I am so happy that I found dermaflage. It is easy to apply. I use it on a daily basis and feel better about my appearance.

Made in the Shade Mineral Powder Foundation

Cream Concealer
Deitra Lynn Watts
Larger round container

Love the concealer, I use as my makeup. Using my finger concealer gets under nails

A lot harder than i anticipated

I have almost used all of my tips and have followed the videos. I haven’t figured it out and would appreciate it if dermaflouge could send me a video of what to do and what not to do.

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving a review for our Hollywood Topical Filler Starter Kit. We're sorry to hear that you've had a difficult time with it. We always want our customers to have a positive experience with our products.

We'd be more than happy to assist you in figuring out the best way to use the product., just drop us an email Also, our team has created a comprehensive video tutorial that may help address any concerns you have.:

Thank you for choosing Dermaflage. We hope this helps!

Best regards,
The Dermaflouge Team

wrong product was sent

I have been using there products for a couple of years now and I highly recommend, however on this last order I did not receive the correct product, and it has not yet been corrected.

No Difference

I have been repeatedly using The Hollywood Topical Filler. However, despite trying to see a difference, it is not working on my lines. I have watched your videos, as well as videos on YouTube, all to no avail.

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are sorry to hear that our Hollywood Topical Filler has not been working for you. We understand your frustration and want to assist you in achieving the desired results. Our team is also happy to provide personalized tips and advice for maximum effectiveness. We hope you give our product another chance and please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance,

Customer Service Team

Single Applicator
Teresa Friend

It's amazing how well the product matches your natural skin. It takes a little practice but practice makes perfect. I'm very pleased with the product. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has to deal with scars.

I am sorry but I did not receive this order yet. I have contacted the office but have not gotten any response yet. Can you please let me know what happened to it.

Too much anxiety to live without it

I have horrible cystic acne and can't go onto long-term medications due to a conflict between them and my migraine medications which could lead to clots. That being said the amount of deep ice pick or box scars is innumerous. The ones dead center of my face (cheeks beside my nose) are the worst till the point where even punch excision on them doesn't work. I do not go outside without this in them. I've been using it for roughly 5 years now.

The reason for the 3 instead of the 5 is very evident. This does not mean I'm not grateful because I am. #1 the cost, I probably spend roughly $180 (Canadian) a month on this (1 four pack of fillers, 1-2 extending bottles and 60 for the applicator tips (if the odds are in my favour), with the odd application pad from time to time). If I didn't have a good job this would be out of budget. #2 longevity, simply doesn't last past 2 days (3 days if I'm lucky), and this is with the extending primer. #3 sometimes the formula I get for the filler doesn't take hold, it's still a liquid after 30+ minutes of waiting. So you can imagine if you are in a time crunch how psychologically damaging this is to a person who absolutely needs it. #4 although I like the applicator tips, they aren't reusable and thus environmentally unfriendly. This wastefulness continues in the entire application process of me also guessing how much to use in the said scar. #5 Due to my acne I use a lot of face products, most of which turn the filler yellow. It looks like a pee stain on my face or makes me look jaundice, regardless of the colour of the filler. Thus I have to spend additional money on make-up which is the last thing I want on my face.

If I was this company my suggestion is to make a reusable applicator tip. Change the formula so it isn't yellow after 1 face wash. Make the extending primer actually extend. Add a sticker so the filler applicator can go into it and fill the area automatically, not me guessing if it's enough.

Now please stop sending me emails for a bleeding review.

Know Everything You Need to Know First!

First know, I can now use product Sometimes; not much in daytime. My scar is a small deep divit right middle of my nose not too far from tip. DEEP. Due to place and depth I could not use sunscreen of any kind or the product will peel. I have to wear Sunscreen most days. very difficult to place any cream around the scar area without the spread edges peeling up. I tried mineral, regular; no way. Scar area has to be very dry and i found the Primer is a must; tried with and without. Importance consideration is matching to your foundation not your natural skin unless they match perfectly. My foundation is peachy, skin light so i had chosen light; will get darker color for summer, I found that after filling my scar, if I keep my face out of shower/water and use cold cream to remove make up and a damp washcloth to pat face clean and dry “around” the product filled area at end of my nose, the product, when applied properly will last a number of days! It is expensive and I used up a lot trying to get it to stay! so i take the pains to wash around it although I really miss my 20 splashes in the morning and showered face at night. I won’t be able to use much in day as my nose has to have the sunscreen. and i really prefer to wear foundation… but difficult to apply without touching product edges. I was going to return but tried one last time and thought that fir night and photo shoots I will want it filled! so keeping and going to try to make it work for me as much as possible as looks SO MUCH BETTER than a hole on my nose! see my before and after pics in the primer review. will try to post on this review too

Primer =success

I found that I Must Have a clean, very dry and primer brushed scar in order for the dermaflage filler to not peel up. If you are going spend $ for filler, best to get the primer too.

Doesn’t Work

Does not stick and to complex to use.

Cream Concealer
Barbara Wright

Too light in color and haven’t tried the scar coverage seems a little complicated on how to use it.

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving a review of our Cream Concealer. We apologize that the color was too light for your liking. We suggest trying a different shade to better match your skin tone- we are happy to send you one free of charge! As for the scar coverage, we understand that it may seem complicated at first, but we recommend warming up the product with your fingers before applying it on the scar for better coverage. We hope this helps and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions. Have a great day!

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