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Great project! Really works well!

give me my confidence

I have been using filler for 5 years to cover my scar on the corner of my eye.

Gorgeous Glow

Ever since I found this at the NYC Makeup Show, I can't do without it! Highlight, contour and color all blend in harmony to give any skin an absolutely gorgeous glow! Thank you, Dermaflage, for producing a gem! xo

Did not cover pink at all

Unfortunately, this item did not cover any pink or redness at all and was heavy enough that it sat in my pores, magnifying them immensely. The product also smeared when covering with powder. Disappointed

Single Applicator
Amanda Keene

Single Applicator

Pro Concealer Palette
Annette Wilcox

This is a good concealer but I wish it would fill in the depth a little better.


The consistency of this product was comparable to the pastey glue which set noticeably on my face. The product continuously got stuck in the tube. My hard earned money was wasted.

Waaaayyyy better than anything else out there!

Is it perfect no? But it is sooo much better than any other concealer I have tried to cover up my tattoo. It really doesn't rub off. I've found that it will wear off eventually, especially if the area gets rubbed a lot. It keeps my tat cover for at least 8 hours.

Great Value

Get this bundle- you'll need something to take this stuff off. I really like using the remover daily for my facial makeup

This CUTS THE SHINE on the filler

This is the solution to the sometimes shiny results I get with the topical filler. its worth it because i use it as my makeup setting powder too

Best Color Corrector

This is by far the best color corrector you can get. Blocks out all the stuff you want to hide and I've noticed my redness is much better after using this for a few months.

The Hollywood Topical Filler Starter Kit

I was skeptical when I ordered this product, but I have to admit that I am very pleased with the results. The color I chose matches my skin color and covers my scar perfectly. It takes some practice to achieve the best results, but I think it worth the effort.

The Hollywood Topical Filler Applicator Refill

I was in a terrible car accident that left me scarred, with Dermaflage I am able to go out and see the world without being self conscious or people staring at my scars. I honestly don't know what I would do without this product!! Thank you!!

The Hollywood Topical Filler Applicator Refill

Dermaflage is a great product!

Here are a few tips for success:

1. You have to get the colour right. The colour samples and descriptions on the computer screen may not be accurate, so you just have to get a few different samples and see which matches your skin in real life.

2. The skin needs to be really clean before application, and you have to dry off any moisture.

3. If you live in a hot, humid country like I do, it’s useful to have the air-conditioner on at a cold, dry setting when you are applying the Dermaflage. This helps the product to dry and cure faster and gives a better finish.

4. If you have a deep scar, it can be helpful to apply two separate, thinner layers rather than one thick layer.

5. The edges of the applied product can sometimes curl up. Make sure that they are patted down smoothly when you first apply the Dermaflage.

6. As almost everyone advises, use as little as possible. You need much less than you think you need.

7. It starts to come off after about 4-6 hours, so be prepared for that. With practice, you only need about 5 minutes to apply a fresh layer.

The Hollywood Topical Filler Applicator Refill

Dermaflage gave me back my confidence. I struggled with acne scarring for years and tried everything to conceal. This product actually works, and I've been using it for over 7 years now. There is a learning curve, but once you get comfortable with the application process, you'll be satisfied with the results. I don't know what I would do without it, honestly.

The Hollywood Topical Filler Applicator Refill

Hi, I am Omprakash Mukherjee from Dubai. I have been using bronze dark applicators since 2021. It's amazing and I am happy with the product as it indeed fulfills by requirement.

The Hollywood Topical Filler Applicator Refill

This is my third reorder of the Applicators and I must say there isn’t another product on the market that comes close! It hides scars with ease and is so easy to use. I’ll definitely keep coming back for more.

The Hollywood Topical Filler Applicator Refill

I’ve been using dermaflage for several years for a small chicken pock mark on the cheek. I put the liquid watery primer on first ( but works without too). I don’t use the mixing tip, I just push the 2 separate compartments onto the lid of the container that holds the textured rubber circle and mix before use with the thin white plastic toothpick thing. I put it in the pock mark, wait about 10 seconds and use my own pressed powder on top. It shouldn’t be wet or completely dry. The powder makes it not shiny and mixes in. I don’t use the texture sponge thing, but my scar is pretty small. So glad to have this product!

The Hollywood Topical Filler Starter Kit

My use of Dermaflage: fill a scar left on my nose from a biopsie, while I am waiting for a skin cancer surgery
I gave 5 stars because:
1- even if it's not perfect( any kind of makeup will never be !), it does what it's supposed too: fill/ hide a scar in an amazing way.
2- it take a few times before understanding the correct way of applying the product. It's normal. I personally only use about a drop of the product to fill a scar. It will last me a good month in a half/ two month. When you found the right way of applying it( not too much, putting an even pressure with tue pad) it's 95% invisible
3- Dermaflage customer service helped me to chose the right skin tone, which i appreciate.
4- I appreciate the fact i can spray sunscreen on it, which is super important for me.
5- i feel way much more confident/ no need to explain why i have a scar on my nose
6- it personally last me all day, even doing exercice and sweating. But i make sure my scar is dry and clean, no cream or oily makeup on it.
7- let's hope there will be a Dermaflage Canada soon 😀- thank you for translating the instruction flyer in french!

The Hollywood Topical Filler Applicator Refill

It's an incredible product! Took me a while to master the technique, but the results are extremely satisfying. Recommended!

Good Skin Corrective Cream

Worked on my stretch marks! After pregnancy I had them all over my stomach and on the sides of my hips. I am not going to say that all of them are 100% GONE but I will say they are 80% better. Good enough for me! Thank you Dermaflage. Love your stuff.

The Hollywood Topical Filler Starter Kit

I use this product almost daily. It really does help conceal acne scars. Sometimes it looks shiny and fake on my face but it depends on how I applied it. I've found that the less product I use , the quicker I put the pad on and the quicker I take it it off, the more natural it looks.

Behind the Scenes Color Corrector Palette

I really like how this color corrector has antioxidants to fix my issues AND cover them up. Nice creamy texture, looks good on the skin. I wear it with Dermaflage mineral foundation and it looks 100% natural. I only wish we could buy the colors as singles...

Good Skin Corrective Cream
Jessie Wilkerson
Good Skin Corrective Cream

This is a miracle cream! I have really bad cystic acne scars from when I was younger and they look much better. I also have nopticed a difference in my forehead wrinkles. I ditched my moisturizer and this is all I use now! :)

The Hollywood Topical Filler Applicator Refill

This product has helped my confidence so much! So glad that I took the chance and ordered it. Practice makes perfect, once you get the hang of it, applying is super easy