how to cover a tattoo

How to Cover A Tattoo

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Ever been in a situation where you needed to hide your body art? You most probably have. That job interview, your best friend’s wedding, the reunion at the beach with your old-fashioned folks. Did it leave you scrambling for ways to conceal your inks? Maybe it’s time to explore new options, like tattoo coverup makeup.

Wondering what makeup will cover a tattoo or what is the best tattoo cover up makeup? Glad you asked!
Cover a tattoo the same way the professional makeup artists do for the movies

What is a Tattoo Coverup Makeup?

When scarves, bangles, opaque tights, long-sleeved shirts, and wearing your hair down can’t hide your inks, a more creative intervention is in order. Consider a tattoo coverup makeup, which you can apply on your face, neck, arms, or body. It’s also a breeze to erase with the Dermaflage Multi-Task Makeup Remover, a one-step formula that functions as a moisturizer and anti-aging serum at the same time.

Makeup for covering up tattoos is heavier than your normal cosmetics. It’s specially formulated to cover the ink used by tattoo artists. Next to surgery, which can be painful and really expensive, using tattoo coverup makeup that won’t rub off easily is your best concealment option.

Like tattooing, covering up your inks with makeup involves a few steps. So, if you’re attending grandpa and grandma’s golden wedding anniversary this weekend, you must practice the application at least twice to get it perfect on D-Day. You can pick up some tips from Hollywood makeup artists who routinely help actors conceal their tats.

How Do Makeup Artists Cover Tattoos?

Before donning your makeup artist hat, make sure you’re using the best tattoo coverup makeup for your skin (more on that later). The most important consideration is your skin tone, so choose one with a color that is closest to yours. Otherwise, it will stand out screaming, “Hey, look, I’m hiding a secret here!”

Below are the simple steps to ensure a flawless application of your tattoo coverup makeup. It’s how pro makeup artists do it on actors when filming movies. If you follow them diligently, even Granny’s bespectacled scrutiny won’t expose what lies beneath.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean your tattoo and the area around it with warm soapy water. Rinse. Leave to dry. Do not towel off!

Step 2: (Optional): Remove any hair growth on the tattoo. This is more for the ease of makeup application than anything else, so skipping it is an option.

Step 3: Color correcting - block out the really dark ink with coral or red tattoo coverup makeup. This counteracts the black or purple ink.

Step 4: Using a special sponge (usually comes with the makeup), spread a thin layer of the coverup makeup in your skin tone over the artwork. For full coverage and a more natural look, do the same on a tiny fraction of skin surrounding it. This technique is called feathering. Then, leave it alone until completely dry.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 several times until the design is completely covered. Make sure you put the makeup on evenly and smoothly, and that no ink is peeking out.

Step 6: Dab setting powder ever so gently on top of the makeup.

Step 7: Spritz on a barrier spray to seal your artwork.

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What is the Best Tattoo Cover Up Makeup?

Price is one of the top considerations when purchasing a product. However, for a tattoo coverup makeup that is applied on the sensitive skin of the face, quality matters a lot. And that attribute doesn’t come cheap.

Here are the best tattoo cover up makeup based on quality and other important factors:

Concealers That Can Cover Up Tattoos

Any multifunctional cosmetic provides value for money, and concealers fall under this category. If you wear makeup, it is highly likely that you already have one in your kit. Concealers work best on small tattoos with light-colored ink. These are our recommendations:

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

With an impressive ensemble of various shades, this liquid formula provides medium coverage for up to 16 hours. It is suitable for all skin types and includes a botanical blend of natural ingredients. As a bonus, it helps with hydration by promoting moisture retention.

ColourPop No Filter Concealer

Also available in a wide array of colors, this lightweight formula boasts a natural matte and crease-free finish. As the name suggests, you don’t need a filter when using it. This product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Dermaflage Concealer

This waterproof cream concealer is perfect for those who prefer dry makeup. You don’t need to finish it off with spray or setting powder because it delivers an all-day staying power by itself. That lowers the cost of your tattoo coverage. One small jar goes a long way thanks to the super-pigmented formula that provides full coverage even with small amounts.

Pro Concealer Palette

With this palette, you get several colors that you can blend to achieve the exact hue that matches your skin tone. Its matte powder formula is smudge-proof and waterproof. No need to add spray or setting powder. And speaking of versatility, you can also use it to cover up hyperpigmentation, scars, bruises, acne, and those dark circles under your eyes.

Foundations that Double as Tattoo Coverups

Another option that offers a bang for your buck, is heavy-duty foundations that do a great job when it comes to hiding your inks. Not everyone wears foundation under their makeup, but if you do, then these products are your best bet.

Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation

Waterproof, SPF 30 and hypoallergenic, this cream contains 50% pigments which can be applied to both the face and the body. It is great for lightening or darkening your skin tone as it comes in a wide spectrum of colors.

Behind the Scenes Corrector Palette

While not strictly a foundation, this color corrector functions the same way. Among its ingredients are Vitamin C and Dark Peach which are used to counter dark colors. It also contains antioxidants and moisturizing agents to help keep your skin smooth and supple.

Foundation Sticks for Hard to Reach Body Parts

Going to a pool or beach party? If you can’t afford to show off your tats while wearing a bikini, reach for these sticks.

Dermablend Quick-Fix Body

This makeup foundation stick is specially formulated for the body. Its creamy texture allows for effortless and smooth blending and contouring. With transfer-resistant, waterproof, and smudge-proof features, it can conceal your tats for up to 16 hours.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation

Creamy and blendable, this body foundation is best for normal to dry skin. Available in 20 hues, it offers a natural satin finish. You can also use it on your face as a concealer and for contouring.

how to cover a tattoo

Tattoo Coverup Makeup That Won’t Rub Off

When you need an all-day, all-night shield for your body art, a smudge-proof, long-lasting, and highly pigmented coverup will come in handy. This type is the best choice for dark inked tattoos covering a wide area since it does not transfer to any surface once it has set.

Total Tattoo Coverage

This non-greasy, lightweight cream delivers a natural matte finish with an enhanced moisture level. The paraben-free, quick-dry formula ensures long-lasting and full coverage. It’s suitable for all skin types and comes in 3 palettes - Original, Dark, and Primary Colors.

Dermaflage Tattoo Cover Up

A makeup palette with 3 colors that you can mix and match to blend with your skin tone, its secret weapon is coral, which can block out the darkest tattoos. This coverup is 100% transfer-proof and will not come off until you erase it with a makeup remover. Unlike all the other products, it stays in place for more than 12 hours without any help from setting powder or spray. That means extra savings on the cost of your tattoo coverage!

Is It Safe to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup?

Definitely! In fact, makeup will preserve the integrity of a tattoo and safeguard it from fading caused by natural and artificial light.

A word of caution: You should not apply makeup for covering up tattoos if your body art has not completely healed. Even professional makeup artists will first ask you when you got inked.

Tattooed skin typically takes an average of 45 days to mend and recover. Applying makeup on a fresh tat that has not yet peeled can not only destroy the ink but infect the skin too.

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Final Thoughts

While many of us get inked for various reasons or to commemorate certain milestones, there might come a time or situation when we’re required to keep our tats under wraps. It might be a new job that frowns upon body art or a gathering of conservative family members who might not share the same views as you.

A few of us may, at some point, also regret using our bodies as a canvas for permanent artwork, especially if our inks are in some way related to an ex or an occasion we’d much rather forget.

Whatever your reason, you now have the option of covering up your tattoo in various inexpensive and painless ways.

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