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Scars can have a big impact on a person’s self image, and this anxiety can impact your everyday life. We gathered the best tips from dermatologists for healing scars. Scar makeup can work wonders, so we asked pro makeup artists for their tips on concealing scars. Check out these articles to understand the best scar treatment products so you can go back to living your life. Facial-Scar-PockMark-B2

Fast Facts on Covering Chicken Pox Scars

CLICK HERE to learn more about Dermaflage Topical Filler for Chicken Pox Scars If it seems like chicken pox — and chicken pox scars — are becoming a thing of the past, you’re not wrong. Like telephone booths and black-and-white TV, today’s kids may never see chicken pox firsthand. Once considered an inconvenient and […] Beware_of_Dogjpg

Top Tips to Conceal and Treat Dog Bite Scars and Bug Bite Scars

Treating for Bite Wounds When a dog bite is severe enough to call for medical attention by an ER doctor, plastic surgeon, or other medical professional, the doctor will thoroughly clean the wound and then may suture it closed (which helps prevent wide or jagged scarring) or perform surgery if needed. Scar revision surgery may […] DERMAFLAGE-ACNE-CONCEALER-e1526583172379

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Most of us have dealt with acne and the breakouts can be embarrassing, but luckily most acne will fade away in time. The tougher problem is how to get rid of acne scars and acne marks. What removes acne scars? We will review the of acne types scarring and the different products and procedures that […]

How to Hide Scars

Everyone wants to make a scar disappear, but sometimes a scar treatment doesn’t work and you are left with a mark. If your scar bothers you, do something about it! Scar makeup is less expensive compared to scar procedures, and can give you the look of smooth skin. Although it is temporary, concealers can give you the confidence to look as good as you feel. Read on for more tips on concealing scars.

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