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with peptides & hyaluronic acid to improve wrinkles, scars & stretchmarks

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Peptide Power

The only stretch mark cream with peptides to simulate collagen

The 1st stretch mark cream to harness the powerful ingredients used in the most expensive skincare products. Good Skin Corrective Cream combines the best stretch mark cream prevention ingredients recommended by top dermatologists and the breakthrough scientific ingredients from anti-aging.


Good Skin Corrective Cream improves the skin’s density to fade & diminish stretch marks while simultaneously improving elasticity & texture over time.

  • Perfect pregnancy stretch mark cream
  • Works on the deeper layer of the skin
  • Effective stretch marks treatment
  • Non-greasy stretch mark lotion

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Breakthrough Active Ingredients to Both Hydrate & Stimulate the Production of Collagen.

What are stretch marks anyway?

Stretch marks are actually an area underneath the skin where the collagen is damaged.

Your skin has a thicker deeper layer called the dermis. Like a woven fabric, the dermis is a weave of collagen fibers. Stretch marks are caused by a tear in the collagen fabric when the skin is stretched beyond its limits, kind of like a run in a stocking. We developed this stretch mark cream to help our customers prevent new stretch marks and improve the appearance of old stretch marks. However, the formula is an anti-aging powerhouse! It is an excellent daily product for everyone to use as a moisturizer, anti-aging cream and makeup primer.

Good Skin is a corrective cream with some of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients to fight stretch marks and improve complexions:

SILICONE protective barrier | reduces discoloration | reduces texture

Silicone cream helps the skin prevent and fade stretch marks. Backed by Medical Science – silicone is recommended as the best treatment for scars in the Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

HYALURONIC ACID moisturizer | anti-aging | antioxidant defense | collagen synthesis

Hyaluronic acid has powerful anti-aging properties and is one of the most effective hydrating ingredients for skin, even oily, sensitive or breakout-prone skin. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin plump, hydrated and young-looking. Hyaluronic acid serum, which can absorb and hold in the skin hundreds of times its weight in water, increases the skin’s elasticity. It is a naturally occurring in the human body that provide an antioxidant defense against environmental assault and supports collagen synthesis.

SQUALINE moisturizer | elasticity |

An impressive moisturizer, squalane improves the moisture balance and elasticity.

PEPTIDES stimulate collagen production | tightens skin

Aging and environmental factors deteriorate collagen and it does not fully regenerate. When collagen breaks down, tiny proteins and active molecules are formed, known as peptides. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) these peptides send a “message” to the cells in your skin that it has lost collagen and needs to generate more. When skin care peptides are applied topically, your skin “thinks” that it’s a collagen break down message and that your body needs to make new collagen.

PEPTIDES stimulate collagen production | tightens skin

One-sixth of collagen, is comprised of proline which can break down protein to help create healthy cells and connective tissues. Its ability to strengthen and renew aging skin cells promotes firmer, glowing skin.

Wear it All Over Your Face- You’ll Love the Way it Feels.

Moisturizer + Makeup Primer + Peptides

Super light and non-greasy, Good Skin is quickly absorbed into the skin. Suitable for ALL skin types, from dry to sensitive to oily & acne prone. Not only does it improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles it works as an amazing moisturizer and makeup primer suitable for daily wear. Apply it before you do your makeup and your makeup will go on smoother and last longer. ‘ With Good Skin you can improve the elasticity of your skin & your makeup! As collagen deteriorates causing stretch marks, it produces certain peptides. Research from the National Institute of Health (NIH) shows that these peptides send a “message” to your skin that it has lost collagen and needs to generate more. When skin care peptides are applied topically, your skin “thinks” that it’s a collagen break down product and that your body needs to manufacture new collagen.


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