How to Hide Scars on Your Wedding Day for a Perfect Bridal Makeup Look

Elements of A Bridal Beauty Look

How to Hide Scars on Your Wedding Day for a Perfect Bridal Makeup Look

by Top Bridal Makeup Artist Ashley Fierro

Bridal Beauty is a big part of your Big Day! When it comes to weddings, there are seemingly infinite choices of color palettes and bridal-worthy makeup. But, regardless of the colors or specific beauty products you decide on, there are some staples of an elegant bridal look. Following are the nuts and bolts of the perfect long-lasting makeup looks I create for my brides. I use special products to hide scars on your wedding day, for every bride wants skin that appears clear, smooth and glowing.
Hide Scars on your Wedding Day Use Dermaflage to Create a Smooth Foundation

Smooth, Flawless Skin

  1. Prep Skin: Use Dermaflage to hide scars. On your wedding day, you can fill in any accident scars, acne scars, holes from piercings, and even minor imperfections like enlarged pores. Apply on clean skin to create a smooth, even surface.
  2. Use moisturizer and primers to prepare the skin and color-correct any discoloration or blemishes.
  3. Use HP Photo Makeup, such as MGOFS Mineral Makeup, to achieve a flawless finish on your bride’s skin.
  4. Apply a soft bronzer, blush, and highlight for a radiant glow.

Open, Sparkling Eyes

  1. Line, at minimum, the upper lash line with a subtle waterproof liner.
  2. Use soft brown and champagne eyeshadow shades for a classic bridal look.
  3. Add a natural, fluffy lash to open up the bride’s eyes and create definition in photos.
  4. Apply lots of waterproof mascara.

Long-Lasting, Glossy Lip

  1. Most brides don’t want to think about smearing their lips with all the kissing they will be doing. My solution is to always err on the side of a nude-pink gloss in a long-lasting formula. If their lip color does wear, it doesn’t ruin their entire look like it would when a red lip wears.
  2. Before applying the lip color, gently exfoliate lips so you have a clean, smooth surface to work on.
  3. Apply a waterproof or 24-hour wear lip liner all over the lip in a natural pink color.
  4. Apply a long-lasting lip gloss or sheen lipstick.
  5. Send your bride off with a small tube of gloss to touch up throughout the evening.
With these three non-negotiable elements of a bridal look, you’ve brought out the best in your bride without hiding her natural beauty beneath layers of heavy makeup. Hide scars on your wedding day and you can have flawless skin in all those pictures. And, just as importantly, she won’t have to worry about makeup meltdown or constant touch-ups throughout the wedding day and night.
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