dermablend scar cover

DERMABLEND: Scar cover solutions or hype?

Dermablend scar cover

Does Dermablend makeup cover scars as well as it claims?

As the saying goes, nobody’s perfect. Yet, when it comes to beauty, many of us are trying to live up to an impossible standard of perfection, thanks to the wonder of airbrushing, filters and Photoshop. Since we can’t walk around with professional lighting and other magazine-cover magic, we try other ways to keep our imperfections under cover. This is our motivation for finding the best concealer for scars and other flaws – one that gives full-on coverage without looking fake. Cue Dermablend scar cover concealer and foundation. One of the most challenging flaws to hide is a facial scar. No matter if it’s from surgery, an injury or accident, chicken pox, acne scars or any other sign of damaged skin. Dermablend is a makeup brand that offers a complete line of concealing products. These products tackle all of these types of scars, plus tattoos, birthmarks, acne blemishes and more. The brand is well-known and has built a reputation for dermatologist-driven corrective makeup with high-performance coverage, but does Dermablend live up to its hype? Read on for key information on Dermablend to help you decide if its products are right for you:
  • Basics of the Brand
  • Dermablend Scar Cover Product Spotlight: Dermablend Cover Crème and Quick-Fix Concealer
  • Dermablend Reviews
  • Pros & Cons of Using Dermablend to Hide Scars
  • Dermaflage -- An Alternative to Traditional Scar Makeup
Before applying Dermablend concealers or any other makeup onto scars or any large areas of your skin, dermatologists recommend doing a “patch test” to check for any product sensitivities or allergies.

Dermablend – Basics of the Brand

According to its parent company, L'Oreal, Dermablend is a "corrective cosmetic" type of makeup created in 1981 by an American dermatologist. It provides “complete natural-looking coverage for minor to major skin imperfections for men, women and children of all skin types and skin tones.” All Dermablend products are dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, fragrance-free, smudge-resistant, and long lasting for up to 16 hours of “consistent color wear” when worn with setting powder. The brand is widely available at beauty retailers and department stores across the country, as well as on the Dermablend website.

Dermablend Scar Cover Product Spotlight: Cover Crème and Quick-Fix Concealer

The Dermablend line includes an array of concealers, foundations, and powders, but we will focus on two of the most popular products for covering scars including acne scars: Dermablend Cover Crème and Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer.
Dermablend Scar Cover Best Seller: Cover Creme Dermaflage Asks: Is Dermablend Cover Creme the Best Scar Cover Up?

Dermablend Cover Crème

What it Is: This is a full-coverage, cream foundation that provides broad-spectrum SPF 30. This is the brand’s best-selling foundation. What’s in It: According to Dermablend, the ingredients are: Mineral Oil, Talc, Beeswax, Isopropyl Palmitate, Stearyl Stearate, Magnesium Carbonate, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Allatoin. Microcrystalline Wax, Lauroyl Lysine. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Barium Sulfate, Iron Oxides. What It Claims To Do For Scars: “Ultimate full coverage for up to 16 hours of consistent color wear when worn with Setting Powder.” Ultra-blendable, buildable coverage that looks natural, smooth and velvety without caking or looking mask-y. This formula contains twice the pigment of average foundations, for a complete-camouflage effect on moderate to severe imperfections. How to Apply It On Scars:
  1. Apply Cover Crème directly onto the scar. With your finger, apply short tapping motions. Keep doing this until the flaw is completely covered.
  2. Lightly blend edges outward until there is no line of demarcation.
  3. Allow to dry completely before applying another layer (if needed.)
  4. Brush on Setting Powder to “seal” the coverage.

Best Scar Makeup: Dermaflage Versus Quick-Fix Concealer by Dermablend Dermablend Scar Cover Solution: Quick Fix-Concealer for Scars

Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer

What it Is: A stick concealer formula with SPF 30 from mineral UV filters. What’s in It: According to Dermablend, the ingredients are: Active: Titanium Dioxide 3%. Inactive: Mineral Oil, Talc, Beeswax, Isopropyl Palmitate, Stearyl Stearate, Kaolin, Magnesium Carbonate, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Allantoin, Microcrystalline Wax, Lauroyl Lysine; May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Barium Sulfate, Iron Oxides. What It Claims To Do For Scars: “Ultimate full coverage for up to 16 hours of consistent color wear when worn with Setting Powder.” Ultra-blendable, buildable coverage that looks natural, not cakey or mask-like. How to Apply It On Scars:
  1. Apply Quick-Fix directly to scar.
  2. Gently pat with your fingers to blend the edges.
  3. Apply a generous amount of Setting Powder, allow to set for 2 minutes. Then brush off excess powder with a brush.

Ratings from Real Users…Dermablend Reviews

Dermablend reviews range from outstanding to less-than-stellar. So, it’s helpful to find feedback from consumers who are trying to cover the same type of scar you have. It’s also smart to search for Dermablend reviews for scars that mention the specific type of scar you want to cover, such as acne scars, medical scars, burns, dog bites, chicken pox or others. Curious about what Dermablend users say about their experiences? Click here to read reviews of Dermablend Cover Crème and here for Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer reviews.

Pros & Cons of Using Makeup by Dermablend to Cover Scars

  • Availability – The products are easy to find online as well as at department stores and beauty retailers across the United States.
  • Price – At $39 for one ounce of the Cover Crème and $25 for a .16 ounce stick of the Quick-Fix Concealer, the product prices are in line with other higher-end and dermatologist or medical “professional” cosmetic lines. However, take note that you will need to buy their setting powder or spray if you want it to stay on.
  • Formula – It offers full coverage of flaws while providing SPF 30 with pure titanium oxide. Products are dermatologist, allergy, and sensitive skin tested; non-comedogenic, and fragrance free.
  • Color Range – Foundations and concealers come in a spectrum of shades that range from the palest skin tones to the deepest and the company offers a shade-match guarantee.
  • Performance – Provides up to 16 hours of heavy-duty wear when topped with Setting Powder.
  • User-Friendly – As easy to use as most other concealer and foundation products. No special brushes or tools are required.
  • Texture – Typical with many full-coverage products, these feel heavier/thicker than other types of makeup. It is made mostly of wax, which can have an unnatural finish, looking cakey.
  • Ingredients – According to this review by Truth in Aging, some ingredients, particularly mineral oil, may cause or exacerbate acne breakouts or cause skin irritation. (Making "patch tests" vital!)
  • Complexity & Expense- setting powder and spray are required for water resistance and staying power. However, for heavy discoloration (like tattoos), the application time can be lengthy because many layers are needed. Plus, there's some artistic technique required to blend the product naturally.
  • Not Totally smudge-proof & can come off on clothes- even with the setting powder, this is a heavy wax-based concealer that is not 100% smudge proof or transfer-proof.

DERMAFLAGE Develops a New Concealer that Does NOT Rub Off

Dermaflage is known for its innovative silicone scar filler that solved the self-confidence issue caused by recessed scars for thousands of people. As a result, many of our customers came to us looking for more traditional concealer to cover up discoloration on raised or flat scars. We would send them to Dermablend but they came back asking us to develop a product that offers more. They wanted something that would stay in place until taken off with makeup remover. A product that would not rub off and that would not come off on clothing. So we developed Behind the Scenes Pro Concealer waterproof scar cover up that beats Dermablend Cover Creme & Dermablend leg and body cover on:

  1. COST: the Dermaflage palette costs $29.99 vs. Dermablend's Cover Cream $39.00 + Setting Powder $29.00
  2. COLOR MATCH: Dermaflage palette comes with 3 colors so that you can mix the colors together or layer them for a perfect match to you complextion. With Dermablend you must be certain of your tone or buy 2 for a match.
  3. COVERAGE: Dermaflage concealer is very concentrated. So, a little bit goes a long way and typically one layer is all it takes to cover a scar. Dermablend requires several layers to get the same coverage, with a less natural look.
  4. DURABILITY: Dermaflage concealer dries to a matte, smudge-proof finish with no setting poweder needed. Dermablend can still smudge even with the setting powder.
makeup for scars

Dermablend Scar Cover Products versus Dermaflage Topical Filler Dermaflage Explains the Difference Between Concealers and Topical Fillers for Acne Scars

DERMAFLAGE – Fill and Conceal Scars Like A Pro!

Traditional concealers like Dermablend cover up scars by sitting on top of the raised areas. However, what if your scar is indented? Unlike other cosmetics, Dermaflage is a topical filler that uses liquid silicone to go beyond color correction. The topical filler temporarily fills in the recessed areas of indented scars. Some examples include acne scars, boxcar scars, rolling scars, ice pick scars, pockmarks, and more. Once a scar sets, the damaged skin appears to be “resurfaced” and level with the surrounding area. A special texturizing pad gives the look of real skin, for a scar cover up that’s truly undetectable. Dermaflage is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof and lasts up to 36 hours. So, there’s no stress of touch-ups throughout the day or night. Learn what makes Dermaflage so unique and the brand's promise to customers. Ready to see the difference for yourself? Check out the Dermaflage Starter Kit and the risk-free, hassle-free way to try this fill-and-conceal breakthrough. Full Coverage Without a Setting Spray or Powder We wanted to improve on the traditional, heavy and waxy concealers for our customers with discoloration to cover. We developed Behind the Scenes based on a break-through formulation used in Hollywood Special effects to cover tattoos. This concealer is very pigmented, super lightweight and dries fast. Goodbye cakey makeup! It's waterproof, smudge-proof and lasts all day. Give it a try- you deserve the latest innovation in makeup. The Verdict If you aspire to have perfect – or nearly perfect – skin, it can be tough to ignore facial flaws like scars and acne scars that often cause self-esteem issues. Keeping raised or discolored scars under cover is easier now than it has ever been with Behind the Scenes Concealer surpassing the performance of older formulas like Dermablend. On the other hand, if you have indented scars, make sure to check out Dermaflage Topical Filler for equally long-lasting, complete camouflage that looks like real skin. The stunning before-and-after pics here say it all! Have you tried Dermablend scar cover up products? Tell us about your experience with Dermablend or any other scar concealers or camouflage makeup in the comments below!
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