Covering Scars: Does BB Cream Work?

Covering Scars: Does BB Cream Work?

scar makeup on cheekBB cream is considered the new generation of foundation, the ultimate multi-tasking makeup that goes beyond color and gives us the convenience of numerous makeup-meets-skincare benefits in one simple step. Better yet, unlike heavy foundations that can risk looking mask-like, covering imperfections with BB cream doesn’t make the rest of your complexion look fake or flat. If you’re curious about using BB cream for covering scars, there are a few things to keep in mind. Think of these creams as the jack-of-all-trades of the makeup world, solving several of our complexion issues with a single product. It seems that every beauty brand has launched a BB cream in recent years, giving us a wide range of formulas to fit different skin types and budgets. Read on for the quick-take on the benefits of using BB cream to camouflage, correct, and protect your skin.

Pro's and Con's of BB Creams:

  • An Even, Effortless Look. BB cream provides a slight amount of color while giving a natural, “no-makeup” look that’s perfect for everyday.
  • Will BB Cream Cover Scars? BB cream is great for minor discoloration, but you may find there is not enough coverage for dark spots left from acne scars or an accident. BB cream is usually too thin to correct uneven skin, so you may find that you need a thicker concealer or a problem solver like Dermaflage for covering scars.
  • When to Call for a Pro Concealer? Dermaflage is an instant “your skin but better” complexion fix that doesn’t look like makeup. If you want to hide the shadows caused by acne pock marks or chicken pox, you can use this silicone product for covering scars for the look of smooth skin. It uses a Hollywood pro make up technique to mimic the color and texture of the rest of your skin. Check out to see what makes it different.
  • When Less is More. If you only have minor discoloration, you can skip applying foundation all over your whole face. Instead, use BB cream as your camouflage makeup to blur any minor discoloration. Doing this will give your skin an even, glowing canvas. Follow-up with scar concealer only where it’s needed.
  • Sun Protection. We all know about the benefits of sun protection. So, choose a BB cream that includes an SPF 15 or greater. Physical sunscreen blockers titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are the most friendly to sensitive skin.
  • Problem-Solvers. Creams for dry skin provide extra moisture and may have a dewier, glowing look. However, formulas for oily skin give a matte and light finish, and minimize the look of pores without blocking them.
  • Fast and Effective. Streamline your regular beauty routine and save time by skipping separate moisturizer, primer, sunscreen and foundation. Instead, just use BB cream to provide the same effect.
  • Future Perfect. BB cream boosts your skincare regimen, including delivering anti-aging benefits, UV protection, hydration and overall brightening. Some formulas address specific concerns such as acne and dark spots, helping to improve your skin with each use.
  • Calms and Covers. Unlike other makeup that may aggravate blemished skin, many BB creams are suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin. They actually help to heal breakouts while covering minor discoloration of acne scars from past breakouts.
  • User-Friendly. With less pigment than foundation and concealers, each shade of BB cream can blend with several different skin tones. This makes color-matching much less of a hassle. You may find that one shade works for your skin all year-round, even if you get a bit darker over the summer.

The Verdict on Covering Scars with a BB Cream:

Whether it’s full-coverage, a sheer tint, or something in-between, the power of makeup is hard to ignore. It can boost our confidence and even our mood. Makeup is like a real-life filter on our lines, wrinkles, spots, and minor blemishes before going out into the world. But, no matter how many of these flaws we'd like to hide, we all have days where the thought of putting on a full face of makeup just to run a quick errand seems silly. Better yet, when we’d happily skip a few steps in our beauty routine to get an extra twenty minutes of sleep. This is when the convenience of covering discoloration with BB cream is our favorite beauty hack. Want perfect skin for that night out on the town? Call on a pro scar concealer like Dermaflage. Just need a quick touch up for slight discoloration? You may find a BB cream is all you need. Enjoy testing out a BB cream -- it just may be the makeup game-changer you've been looking for!
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