The Best Waterproof Makeup For Scars

waterproof makeup for scars

The Best Waterproof Makeup For Scars.

No doubt, scars on the face and body are tricky to cover up. Especially, when sweating or swimming enter the equation. Waterproof makeup for scars is an essential to look your best and feel confident that the scars will stay covered no matter what. Read on to learn more about what to look for in a waterproof makeup for scars product.

Waterproof Cover Up Makeup For Scars on the Face and Body.

Do They Really Work?

Believe it or not, the waterproof makeup claims made by many of the foundation brands are legit. Makeup formulations do stand up to sweat and even swimming. But the challenge is finding one that provides enough coverage for scars on the face and body. Leg makeup for scars can be particularly tricky because the scar may be large and super visible. Most concealers and foundations are not specially formulated to cover scars, you need to find one that is heavily pigmented and smudge-proof.

Waterproof Scar Makeup

What to Look for in Waterproof Makeup for Scars

Since most of the products out there that claim to be water resistant or waterproof really are, its important to make sure that they will work to cover scars.

Is it Pigmented Enough and Is it Transfer-Proof?

Waterproof makeup doesn't do you any good if it isn't pigmented enough to effectively cover the discoloration of the scar. If you have to add more than three layers to cover the scar chances are that it is not going to look very natural. Also, if it doesn't totally dry and it is still tacky, those layers will just rub right off.

Does it Require a Setting Powder or Setting Spray?

A good waterproof makeup for scars will not require a setting spray or powder. These extra products are often required to make the concealer waterproof and last longer. They add extra time in application and expense and only provide marginal benefit in making the makeup water and transfer proof.

Does it Come with More Than One Color So You Can Mix Colors For a Perfect Match?

One of the biggest challenges with scar makeup is color matching. Because it is so heavily pigmented, it has to be a perfect match to your skin or it will look like an unnatural patch on the skin. The best way to get a natural look with waterproof scar makeup is to blend several colors. Look for waterproof makeup for scars that comes in a palette with multiple tones for blending.

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Waterproof Makeup for Scars- Products

Is Dermablend Waterproof?

Dermablend is a well known full coverage makeup that is used by many to cover scars. The product is waterproof and transfer resistant only when used with their setting powder.

Airbrush Waterproof Makeup for Scars

Certain airbrush makeup formulas are waterproof and can provide excellent scar concealment. When used correctly, airbrush can be a great choice for waterproof body makeup for scars.

IT Cosmetics Concealer for Scars

Our testers found that concealers from IT Cosmetics, while water resistant did not provide enough coverage for heavily discolored scars. Additionally, they are not transfer-proof and rubbed off easily.



The Best Waterproof Makeup For Scars
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