natural makeup looks

Natural Makeup Looks Are Trending in 2020

natural makeup looks

Natural Makeup Looks Are the Hot Trend for 2020

Some of us were around in the 90's and remember that foundation wasn't really a thing. No one wanted to look like a "cake face" and with the exception of the unfortunate blue eye shadow trend, everyone looked pretty natural because they truly did not have that much makeup on. Fast forward to the last few years where full-coverage foundation and contouring have stepped out of the drag show and into the bright daylight of our everyday lives. natutal makeup looks All of the top beauty trend scouts agree that the proverbial pendulum is swinging back the other way and the hottest beauty trend of 2020 is natural makeup looks. The scrunchie is back, so why not the makeup too, right? This is really good news for all of us. For those of us who are a little lazy about hair and makeup this is an easy out. For the sensitive skin crowd this gives the skin a much needed break. And for product hoarders, this is a healthy dose of though love to get them back on track. There's even good news here for those that like to express themselves with bright color. Another trendy look for 2020 is neons and colorful eyeliner. Many are taking this a step further, moving from a minimal makeup look to a "I just woke up like this" look. Make no mistake, they did not just wake up like that. The dark undereye circles, age spots and redness are there.... they are just concealed by the no makeup, makeup.

What is "No Makeup, Makeup"?

The difference between the 90s makeup and today's no makeup trend, is wearing makeup with the expressed purpose to look like you are not wearing any makeup. The goal is to look 100% natural, like you are just a natural, flawless beauty. If you have skin issues that are hard to conceal, this may make you a bit uneasy and dismiss this trend as not for you. Not to worry, Dermaflage is the expert in professional concealment we have an easy how-to guide below for the 99% of us who are not natural, flawless beauties.

What do You Need For a Natural Makeup Look?

Really you just need the basics- a moisturizer, concealer, powder and a highlighter or luminizer. Outside of that, you may want a little lip gloss and mascara to better define your eyes and lips. If you have skin challenges like acne and discoloration you'll want to ditch the heavy full-coverage liquid foundation for a heavily pigmented mineral powder which will give you the coverage you need with a very natural finish.

How do You Apply Natural Looking Makeup?

The great news about the natural makeup look trend is that it can be super easy. Hence, you don't have to make it complicated with a lot of steps or products. We'll walk you through the basic steps here and make some product recommendations to get you started.

How to Do Natural Makeupnatural makeup looks

  1. Moisturize: prepping the skin is an important first step. Dry skin can look dull, tired or crepey. So give it the boost it needs with a powerful moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid. Look for one that also has anti-aging active ingredients like peptides. Peptides stimulate collagen production so that you are working on the inside as well as the outside of the skin. Most primers are silicone and silicone is also an excellent moisture barrier (keeping moisture in) so if your moisturizer has silicone in it, you can skip the makeup primer step. Check out Good Skin Corrective Cream, $24.95.
  2. Color Correct: odds are that no matter you age, you have some discoloration that needs to be addressed. Whether you have redness from rosacea, acne, dark undereye circles or age spots, a good color corrector will hide them all. Color correctors come from the world of makeup artistry and use colors like green, purple, coral and peach to counteract different colors of discoloration. It seems really weird, but it works like magic! The colors are opposite one another on the color wheel and cancel each other out. You'll want one that has plenty of pigment, like Behind the Scenes Color Corrector, $29.95.
  3. Conceal: with a good concealer you can skip the full-coverage foundation. Using a paddle shaped concealer brush, apply a heavily pigmented concealer over top of the color corrector. Two things to consider here: first make sure you get the concealer in your true skin tone. Don't go lighter or darker thinking that will cover better and double check yourself that you are being realistic. Many of us wish we were tanner or lighter than we actually are! Second, don't put it all over your face and just use it for spots. Being that all concealers are not equal. The winner is one that will cover all of the imperfections with a thin coat, stay all day and not rub off since you are going minimal makeup! Behind the Scenes Concealer Palette $29.95 is 100% water and smudge-proof to keep you covered all day. Bonus: it comes with 3 colors so you can mix them for a perfect complexion match.
  4. Powder: Remember that we didn't use the concealer all over the face. Because we are ditching the full-coverage liquid foundation to achieve the natural makeup look, you want a mineral powder with plenty of pigment to even out your skin tone. The awesome thing about mineral powder it that many brands contain all natural SPF and antioxidants to protect your skin from pollution and other environmental elements which can prematurely age the skin. This powder does all of those things plus it has the coverage of a liquid foundation but a natural finish, so it looks like you have on nothing at all- Made in the Shade, $24.

How Can I Make My Face Glow?

Luminize: if you've ever been fortunate to have a HydraFacial you're experienced what a true natural skin glow really looks like! Therefore, that's what we want to shoot for here. The natural makeup look is not complete without a good luminzer or skin glow balm and notice that we didn't say highlighter. This is because many highlighters include glitter or reflective mica that is too much! Obvioulsy, we're going for a natural look and not one that you can see from outer space. Check out Lit From Within, $25.00 for that perfect dewy skin look. Not sure how to apply a highlighter or lumizer? We got you, read the How to Apply Highlighter post.

Natural Makeup Ideas

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Natural Makeup Tutorial

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