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Discover Body Makeup to Cover Scars

The Benefits of Body Makeup to Cover Scars

Most people use some kind of foundation or concealer on their face to create a flawless canvas, but did you ever consider using body makeup to cover scars everywhere else? The words “body makeup” may sound intimidating, like an art that requires Oscar-caliber makeup skills, large quantities of liquid bronzer, and an audition for Dancing With the Stars, but forget all that. We’re here to help you discover the real-life benefits of using body makeup to cover scars. With the right products and a bit of practice, this could be a game-changer for how you dress and how you live. Wedding dress conceal scars on back

Facial Scars vs. Body Scars

Unlike a scar on your face, a noticeable scar on your body is much easier to hide. On most days, you can keep the scar under wraps with strategic clothing choices like scarves, pants, and long sleeves. However, special events and warm weather often mean a wardrobe shift that makes it challenging to hide a scar on your neck, shoulders, back, arms or legs. It’s not practical to limit your outfits only to those that keep you covered from head to toe unless you keep all formal events and outdoor gatherings off of your social calendar. Do you really want to RSVP “No” to every invitation to a pool party, outdoor graduation, or black tie gala? Will you let your scar dictate your Prom dress or wedding gown, even if it means sacrificing your fashion sense and your sanity? Before you decide to hide in turtleneck sweaters year-round, let’s look at a better option: body makeup to cover scars.

Scars, Stress, and “The” Dress

Let’s face it, searching for a dress in the right color, cut, and size is hard enough. Finding one that covers a noticeable scar can seem impossible when the latest styles cover barely anything else on your body. It’s disappointing (and sometimes heartbreaking) to fall in love with a dress for your wedding, Prom, or other special event only to realize that it leaves your scar in plain sight. However, using body makeup to cover scars is a simple solution if your heart is set on wearing “the one” and is far less stressful than settling for something less-than-perfect and regretting it later. Get the dress, study our tips for body makeup for beginners, and celebrate all of life’s special moments rather than let your scars rule your life.

Body Makeup Basics: All Makeup Is Not Created Equal

Though we’re fans of multi-tasking beauty products, separate camouflage cosmetics for your face and body are worthy of the extra space in your makeup bag. A foundation or concealer meant for your face, even a “full coverage” one, may not give you the high-pigment opacity needed to cover a scar on your body, while body makeup may look and feel heavy if used all over your face. Color may be an issue too, since it’s common for our faces to have a slightly different skin tone than our bodies. With this high level of pigment in body makeup, getting a perfect shade match is crucial and often requires mixing a few different shades together. This may make the spectrum of shades in a body makeup palette a smart investment, particularly if your skin changes color throughout the seasons. The one product that’s perfectly okay to double-dip is a translucent loose powder to set both face and body makeup as a final step to ensure long-lasting results. CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO TUTORIAL ON WATERPROOF BODY MAKEUPLEG BRUISE MAKEUP

Really Good Makeup or Really Good Skin?

There are many lines of camouflage makeup created specifically for use on the body, with formulas potent enough to cover scars, tattoos, burns, bruises, spider veins, varicose veins, and other discolorations. But, just as with your face foundation, concealers and powders, there are qualities that make the difference between makeup that looks like good makeup and makeup that looks like good skin. Beyond just coverage and color, what should you look for when choosing a body makeup to cover scars without looking fake?
  • Smooth consistency that blends seamlessly into the surrounding skin without standing out as too shiny, too matte or too dry.
  • Smudge-resistant and transfer-resistant so the product stays where it’s supposed to rather than rubbing off onto your clothing.
  • Water-resistant to withstand sweat, a splash of raindrops, a quick swim or a few tears of joy.
  • Elasticity so the product “moves” with your skin, without cracking, creasing or flaking off.

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A Flaw-Fixer for Face & Body

One example of a product that has all of these qualities and is equally suited for face and body is Dermaflage, a topical filler that fills in recessed scars. Its silicone base creates a smooth, even surface, and further camouflages with precise color-matching and a special texturizing pad that achieves the look and feel of real skin. It lasts up to 36 hours, eliminating the stress and inconvenience of having to re-apply throughout the day or night. Visit to learn more.

Go Ahead, Join the Party!

So, thanks to the constant stream of innovative products to cover scars up, you can have the freedom to choose any outfit you like for life’s most important occasions as well as for everyday. Keep these tips in mind when choosing a body makeup to cover scars – the right one will let you enjoy every moment instead of letting your scar hold you back. Cheers! Aimee from Dermaflage DERMAFLAGE BLOG
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