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How & When to use Concealer vs. Foundation

concealer vs foundation Concealer before or after foundation? What's the difference between the two, anyway? That’s what we’ll try to clear up here and now. For sure, both products are essential to flawless makeup. But before we go into the nitty-gritty, we’d like to emphasize early on that gals with sensitive skin would be better off using full-coverage mineral powder foundation like Made in the Shade rather than liquid concealer. The latter tends to be heavy on the skin and can clog pores, resulting in breakouts. Now, on with our concealer and foundation tutorial. woman applying concealer

Primer vs Concealer vs Foundation

To better understand how concealers and foundations work, we need to add primers to the conversation.

What Is A Primer?

The name itself is a hint. It is a product used to prepare the skin for the first makeup product you will apply, whether it’s a foundation or a concealer. It’s an essential step if you want your makeup to stay in place with little to no retouching. Plus, it contributes to flawless results by preventing creasing. Primers, especially those with antioxidants and moisturizers, also protect your skin from harsh environmental elements and prevent dryness. Check out our favorite, Good Skin that primes the skin with hyaluronic acid, peptides & protects with antioxidants. If you wish to skip this step to save money, time, and effort - and still reap the same benefits - choose a foundation with a built-in primer like Made in the Shade full-coverage mineral powder. There are many types of primers available on the market, so choose wisely. Always base your purchase on your skin type and natural tone. Consider BB creams as well. BB stands for beauty balm or blemish base and can be used as a foundation, concealer, moisturizer, sunscreen, or primer. Do you put BB cream on before or after foundation? As a primer, BB cream is no different than the others. Apply it under your foundation. One advantage of this is that it already infuses a slight cream tint on your skin, so you need less foundation compared to using other primers. Moving on... concealer vs. foundation

What Is Concealer Used For?

A concealer hides skin blemishes, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles around the eyes. And if you’re using the right product, it can even treat your acne while hiding it. But that’s not all. This versatile beauty product comes in handy for other purposes as well.

Diminishes the Appearance of Fine Lines

You can temporarily hide fine lines and wrinkles when you use a concealer that doesn’t cake or collect within the creases, like Behind the Scenes Concealer. Just dab it gently and sparingly on those lines and watch the magic happen.

Gives Your Face a Chiseled Look

You can also use a concealer to contour your face. Simply select one that’s a shade or two shades darker than your skin tone. Swipe it on both sides of your nose, in the hollow of both cheeks, and then blend well. Top it with a setting spray for a long-lasting effect.

Brightens Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Applying a thin layer of brightening concealer under your eyes and on your eyelids makes the skin there look lighter and more radiant. This time, choose one in a shade that matches your skin tone so that it doesn’t look unnatural.

Gives Your Skin a Glow

Highlight your cheekbones with a concealer that’s one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Do the same on your nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and brow bones. The result will be a more radiant you!

Alternative Primer for Lipstick and Eyeshadow

When applied to the lips and eyelids, a concealer works similarly to a primer. It allows you to apply tints and shadows smoothly and evenly. Also, it can grab them to stay on longer.

Is Concealer The Same As A Foundation?

The short answer is no. In terms of consistency, a concealer is thicker than a foundation because it’s primarily made to camouflage skin imperfections. A foundation, on the other hand, provides a base for crease-free makeup application and gives your face an even skin tone. These two products are also applied differently. Concealers are for spot treatment while foundations are spread all over the face, including the area around the eyes. With that said, we believe that they should always go together to help you achieve a perfect makeup look every time. And so we come full circle to the all-important question: Should You Apply Concealer or Foundation First? woman holding a foundation

Does Concealer Go Over Or Under Foundation?

Concealer before or after foundation?” is the makeup version of “What came first, the chicken or egg?” It may sound like a trick question, but there really is a correct answer. Logically, the chicken came first, for if not, who laid the egg? The same goes with the concealer-foundation conundrum. Logic will tell you to apply your foundation first because it already provides a thin layer of cover on the discolored areas of your face. Dabbing your concealer on top of it means you’ll be using fewer cosmetics, and your skin won’t feel heavy. Most professional makeup artists agree. Of course, this is not a rule set in stone. There are exceptional cases when you must ask yourself, “Where does concealer go?” For instance, are you going through a heavier-than-usual breakout? Do you have a deep, long, or wide scar to cover up? Then it is advisable to put on your concealer first, but only on those specific spots. The dilemma doesn’t end here, though. There’s also the matter of using different concealers on your eyes and face, and with good reason - the skin around the eyes is more sensitive. Which leads to another bugging question, “When it comes to your peepers, does concealer go on first?”

Eye Concealer Before Or After Foundation?

This is another exception to the foundation-before-concealer rule. We recommend applying eye concealer before the foundation to avoid looking like a panda. How so? You see, when you apply foundation, it already covers a little of those under-eye circles. Meanwhile, with an eye concealer, the result is a wide-awake look that belies your lack of sleep. Now, imagine the eye concealer on top of the foundation... Okay, you get the drift. But you can simplify your life by choosing an eye concealer like Behind the Scenes Color Corrector Palette. This product uses color to cancel out color, e.g. Yellow + Vitamin K to negate blues and purples, instead of shades lighter than your skin tone. Smart! Click here to read our article HOW TO APPLY COLOR CORRECTING CONCEALER

concealer before or after foundation

Can A Foundation Also Work As A Concealer?

Actually, yes! Manufacturers have already introduced such products on the market. We’ve tried the top cosmetic brands and can honestly say that the best concealing foundation makeup is Made in the Shade Powder. This water-resistant full-coverage mineral foundation conceals all skin imperfections, evens out its color, stays in place all day, and holds down your makeup to eliminate the need for retouching. Best of all, it takes care of your skin, particularly the sensitive type. With antioxidants and non-chemical SPF protection, you’ll be safe from dark spots and irritation. And because it’s lighter than its liquid counterpart, you won’t have to worry about acne-causing clogged pores. Concealer before or after foundation? Who cares when 1 product does double duty!

Final Thoughts

Indeed, “concealer before or after foundation” is a hounding and all-important question that anyone wearing makeup must ask. Finding the answer will make you look flawless and your future prep sessions more efficient. Now that you found it, go and shop for the best foundation concealer in one. You’ll be grateful for all the time and money you’ll save. DERMAFLAGE BLOG
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