how to hide a piercing with makeup

Take the Perfect Selfie

Have you ever held your phone out in front of your face and taken a picture of yourself? I confess, I have taken many infamous “selfies” and most likely you have too! However, how many of us have been able to take the perfect selfie? In this day and age, taking a “selfie” is one of the most common forms of photography. In fact, according to a global, “Selfie beauty” ranks second among the top five beauty trends in 2013 and 2014. Taking “selfies” have become easier with inventions such as front-facing cameras and smart phone apps like Snapchat. Since we are taking more and more pictures of ourselves, beauty products that hide our facial imperfections have become increasingly popular. Acne scars are one of the most common types of facial imperfections that people struggle to hide. Dermaflage is a silicone-based makeup that fills in acne scars to perfection. It gives a smooth appearance that normal makeup cannot fill for acne scars. With Dermaflage, you can hide you acne scars so that they are imperceptible in pictures and in person! “Selfies” are also great for before and after pictures. Here at Dermaflage, we love before and after pictures because the main goal of our product is to make people feel comfortable in their own skin. With before and after pictures it is easy to see how much more confident people look when a scar that they want to hide disappears. Check out some before and after acne scar filler pictures! Maybe even send us some! Next time you whip out your phone to take a #selfie, you can smile, say CHEEEESE and send your picture perfect photo to all your friends feeling beautiful and confident. Go to our website and buy Dermaflage now!
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