From the Founder of Dermaflage - How I found the Hollywood Secret to Perfect Skin

Dermaflage founder Jocelyn AtkinsonMy name is Jocelyn Atkinson and I am one of the founders of Silicone Arts Labs, the company that developed Dermaflage. As the daughter of a serial entrepreneur, I realize now there was little chance I would spend the majority of my career doing anything other than growing young businesses. Silicone Arts Labs and its flagship product, Dermaflage, is my second business after founding the innovation and growth strategy firm, Southern Growth Studio, in 2007. After nearly eight years of consulting for other companies and brands on strategic growth opportunities, I had an itch to grow my own manufacturing business. Therefore, leading us to help people obtain perfect skin. Enter Dermaflage, the miracle product invented in the Hollywood special effects department. Professional Hollywood makeup artists use Dermaflage to conceal scars, piercings and other imperfections on news anchors and actors on HD film. Our product brings this professional concealment to the average consumer’s medicine cabinet. Dermaflage is the first cosmetic that simulates skin and the first true topical filler that makes scars and wrinkles vanish instantly. For people with acne, chicken pox, and scars from dog bites, accidents and surgery there is no off- the-shelf concealment solution. The recessed nature of these imperfections cannot be effectively hidden using makeup, leaving expensive and often ineffective medical procedures as the only viable option. Growing this business has been thrilling on many levels. The frontend work appealed to my natural passion for smart business strategy. We had to validate the large market of consumers that have a pressing need. As we have grown, it has been exciting to market a true innovation in a category of its own. The digital age of marketing and YouTube has given us the opportunity to directly reach consumers all over the world. Furthermore, I’ve loved tracking conversion analytics that give us unique insight into consumer purchase behavior. We make adjustments, test and then iterate to optimize conversion.

Dermaflage Helping to Achieve Perfect Skin

The adventure has led us to some amazing individuals and fantastic opportunities. Our advisor and friend, Shekhar Mitra, has led Innovation and Global R&D for Proctor & Gamble for the last fifteen years. Our board member, Jeff Davis, who also comes from P&G, has guided our digital marketing strategy and changed the way we think about advertising. Russell Moon, founder of Skinceuticals, which he sold to L’Oreal, is an investor and board member. Russell keeps us grounded and focused with a veteran entrepreneur’s “first things first perspective”. Among our many adventures, we were selected by the state of Tennessee for an export trade mission to Asia. This landed us a spot on Diane Sawyer’s World News Tonight and we are accepted to QVC. However, the most fulfilling part of what we are doing is helping people feel great about themselves again. Given my passion for business and my hard driving Type A personality, I was surprised by how grateful I am to be working to change people’s lives for the better. Also, helping people get perfect skin. It is testimonials like this one from Maria that really drive us forward. It gives a whole new meaning to failure is not an option. scar makeup to cover scars

Dermaflage Testimonial

I recently had Mohs surgery to remove a Basil skin cancer from the tip of my nose. It left me with a horrible indented scar down the center of my nose. My husband had planned a trip to New York City that I dreaded to go on because of the unsightly scar. Luckily, I found Dermaflage and decided to order it praying it would be a temporary answer to my prayers to feel normal if only for a little while. I applied it before I left on a Friday and it last the ENTIRE trip. It is truly a blessing to feel like me again. Thank you Dermaflage for giving me my face back! Scar before and after Dermaflage on the Top of the Rock! :) The collage shows you my journey but as you can tell… I look 100% normal after Dermaflage! BTW, I think the medium color works best for me. Let me know if you need any other info or you need to tweak my wording. In all honesty, I have told all of my doctor’s about Dermaflage. My plastic surgeon had not heard of it but wrote it down and was very interested in my photos." Thanks again! Maria Xenick
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