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Celebrities with Acne

Celebrities with Acne

We’ve all read the Celebrities Are Just Like Us! column in magazines to see our favorite actors and actresses doing every day activities like grocery shopping or walking their dog at the park. However, when I do these activities I don’t always look like I just walked off a runway in Paris. My skin isn’t glowing from a seemingly flawless complexion.

The Truth Is…

Everyone (celebs included) has imperfections from time to time that they want to cover up. Although it’s hard to believe, celebrities don’t actually look as perfect as they do in magazines and on TV. There are many celebrities with acne.

Adam Levine Talks About Acne

Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, has publicly talked about his struggles with acne. The problem with acne is that it sometimes leads to scarring, which is just as hard and annoying to cover up. Acne scarring can be embarrassing and ruin self-confidence. This is why most people and celebrities like Adam Levine would do anything to cover it up.

Celebrities' Secret Weapon for Acne Scars: Photoshop

In today’s world every picture we see of a celebrity is edited, photo shopped, air brushed, you name it. Don’t take our word for it, check out these celebrity photoshop mishaps. Although it would certainly be nice, most people don’t have professional photographers or the option of having their makeup professionally done before they walk out the door each morning.

Your Secret Weapon for Acne Scars: Dermaflage

Don’t worry! Luckily there is an affordable solution to hiding acne scars so your skin appears as flawless as the skin of the famous celebrities you see in magazines and on TV. Dermaflage is the Hollywood makeup solution to covering up your acne scars. In just three simple application steps you can cover up your scar like a Hollywood pro! Dermaflage is a topical silicone filler for recessed scars. It applies like makeup, looks exactly like real skin, and stays on for up to 36 hours. Check out the customer before and after photos and video testimonials here. Dermaflage is offered in 6 starter kits and each purchase includesfree tone exchange and a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Everyone has imperfections, even celebrities with acne. If you want to feel like a celebrity and cover up your acne scars to feel confident with flawless, smooth skin, Dermaflage is the perfect makeup for you! - Ashley from Dermaflage waterproof makeup acne banner
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